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Stopping Domestic Violence, Abuse And Harassment

Domestic violence accusations are taken very seriously in California. Law enforcement officials take swift and decisive action when they feel that a person is in danger of harm. People on both sides of these cases have rights that must be considered, and it is important to have strong representation on your side.

At Parranto & Applegate in Santa Rosa, family law attorney Jennifer Applegate has extensive experience in assisting victims of domestic abuse and exonerating those who have been wrongly accused. We will help you understand the law, and the difference between a criminal prosecution and an action in the family court.

Representing Both Victims And The Accused

If you have been the victim of spousal abuse or some other form of domestic violence, we can help you to obtain an emergency protective order against your abuser. We will be there with you at all times and see your case through to its conclusion. We will pursue every legal option available in order to ensure your safety and the safety of your children.

We also represent spouses or domestic partners who have been accused of abuse. Sadly, in some cases, domestic violence accusations have no basis in fact and are made simply to improve one spouse's position in a divorce or child custody proceeding. We know how to expose false accusations and preserve our client's rights and liberty.

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Attorney Jennifer J. Applegate
Located in Santa Rosa, California, Attorney Jennifer Applegate delivers the strong representation and compassionate care needed to bring the best possible outcome in your divorce or family law matter.

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