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  • Spousal Support for "Roxanne"
    We obtained a wonderful verdict for our family law client whose ex-husband filed a motion to terminate her spousal support, be excused from paying the ten months of back support he owed her, and void portions of the divorce judgment. Her opponent would not settle and took the matter to trial. Not only did we defeat every one of his requests, but the judge ordered the ex-husband to pay $8,000 of our client's attorney fees.
  • Visitation for "Rob"
    Our firm was approached by a father whose nearly-17-year-old daughter wanted to spend vacations and summers with him and his new wife. Initially, the girl's mother opposed that contact and hired her own attorney, who confidently told her a judge would "never allow it." However, attorney Jennifer Applegate met with the father, the mother, and the mother's attorney. The compromise that she proposed gave the father the visitation he wanted, but included provisions to assure the mother her daughter was safe. By reasoning with the opposing side, and presenting facts about what a contested hearing would entail, she was able to save both parties a costly court appearance.
  • Sole Legal and Physical Custody for "Chris"
    Our client was in a terrible situation with his ex-wife. She was refusing to bring their son to visitation exchanges, had made false domestic abuse claims, and was telling the child that "daddy is scary." The mediators and the courts seemed convinced by her story, so by the time we joined the case, the child was in a toxic environment and this father had a long uphill struggle ahead of him. But step by step, attorney Jennifer Applegate worked with our client to make the system work for him. That included prepping our client for mediation sessions, selecting a competent therapist for the child, and twice successfully suing the mother for contempt of court. It was a long, slow process, but this father now has sole legal and physical custody of his little boy; any visitation with the mother has to be professionally supervised; the mother is ordered to pay child support; and she has a suspended 35-day jail sentence that will be imposed if she fails to honor her plea bargain. We obtained monetary sanctions against the mother on three separate occasions, and she will have paid over $8,000 of our client's attorney fees by the time she is done. Most importantly, the child is secure in his new home with his father, his new stepmom, and his new baby brother. He is excelling in school and in sports and is happy and thriving - the best result you could ask for.
  • Long-Distance Same-Sex Dissolution for "Daniel"
    Daniel and his boyfriend visited California in 2008 for the sole purpose of getting married, as their home state did not recognize same-sex marriage. When their relationship ended, they realized that their divorce had to be completed in the same county where they were married. Daniel hired family law attorney Jennifer Applegate to manage all aspects of the marital dissolution, including drafting a settlement agreement and filing the necessary paperwork with the local courts. Daniel didn't have to set foot outside his house, let alone his state. Thanks in part to Jennifer's non-confrontational approach with Daniel's spouse, the entire matter was quick, inexpensive, and totally devoid of drama.


Attorney Jennifer J. Applegate
Located in Santa Rosa, California, Attorney Jennifer Applegate delivers the strong representation and compassionate care needed to bring the best possible outcome in your divorce or family law matter.

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