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Modifying Custody Or Support Orders After Divorce

When the court makes any orders, it is basing its decision on the circumstances that exist at that time. Those orders then remain in place until they are formally changed. The court is inclined to leave things as they are (the "status quo") unless you can show a change of circumstances that merits the modification.

Modification cases can be extremely complex; having the right representation can help you reach a successful outcome. At Parranto & Applegate in Santa Rosa, California, our attorneys represent clients in a wide variety of modification actions, working tirelessly to get you the best possible outcome.

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Child support: There are a number of reasons for requesting child support modifications, including significant income changes for either spouse, a change in the custody agreement, the child reaching the age of majority or finishing school, and many others.

Spousal support: In cases where temporary spousal support has been ordered, if your former spouse fails to make reasonable efforts to become self-sufficient, remarries or cohabitates, you may be able to seek a modification to your spousal support order.

Custody: There is a preference for parents to share joint legal and physical custody of a child, such that the parents make important decisions together and the child has two homes. But that's not always appropriate. If the child is being mistreated or put in danger, or if the other parent is repeatedly violating existing orders, you may have a case for a change in custody.

Visitation: Perhaps a change in a work schedule, relocation, or another issue makes it unusually difficult for one parent to adhere to the original visitation schedule. Or perhaps the schedule needs to change just based on the fact that time has passed and the children are older. We can help you to request a change and create a revised schedule that works for everyone.

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